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I always dreamed of owning a restaurant. I started in a local kitchen, fell in love with the fast-paced environment, and worked under renowned chefs, including Tom Kitchin and Neven Maguire.

I travelled across the globe and cooked in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world including Australia, Thailand and Dubai. I returned to the Emerald Isle but not for long as I continued my career as a chef working on a private yacht sailing the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean.

On returning home to Enniskillen for good, I was offered my first head chef job where I learnt the skills that gave me the push to start this venture on my own. The best is definitely yet to come with The Street Kitchen (TSK).

- Marty McAdam.

About Us

After coming home spending years working abroad in Australia & private yachts experiencing other cuisines and cultures, Marty wanted to open a place serving Melbourne style Brunch dishes. During the COVID 19 pandemic, Marty did a pop-up in a local pub ‘Magees’ doing street food that was a complete success. He combined the idea of Melbourne style brunch with street food lunch ideas and the menu for The Street Kitchen was born.

It took a little time but the location was finally found in Paget Lane. Marty wanted an open pass with a theatre like dining experience where people could enjoy great food watching and their chef prepare it. The Street Kitchen interior is minimalistic yet quirky and after many obstacles The Street Kitchen opened its doors September 2021. Since then Marty & his team have grown and made lots of changes including introducing Tiny TSK, our small plate/tapas style menu opening every Friday & Saturday evening. 

Marty made a star appearance on the thrilling 17th season of BBC's 'Great British Menu,' where local culinary talents went head to head to create the best starter and fish courses in the Northern Ireland category.

You can watch the episode on demand on BBC iPlayer below.

A New Chapter for mARTY AND TSK

Marty and the team have embarked on an exciting new chapter for The Street Kitchen. 

The new TSK food truck, a fantastic addition that brings the street food to a new level, can cater for a wide range of events including weddings, corporate gatherings, and private parties. With the food truck, Marty and the team cater directly to your location, ensuring that you can savour their mouth-watering offerings without ever leaving your doorstep.

Marty cherishes quality family time with his wife, Aisling, and son, Rory. Discover more about The Street Kitchen's exceptional team by visiting our 'Meet the Team' page.
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